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Are you neglecting 20% of your customers without even realising it?

The world of online experiences is constantly evolving, and that's certainly true within e-commerce and online shopping. With new ways to pay for your products like ApplePay or AfterPay, through to Augmented Reality 'try-before-you-buy' techniques, it's easy to assume that the older generations are being left behind by all this emerging technology.

However, concentrating your investment solely on Millenials, Gen Y and Gen Z means you're missing out on a massive untapped opportunity to reach older consumers.

Why Conduct This Research?

We have found through our own research (during user interviews and usability testing) that many commonly held perceptions about elderly people's online attitudes and behaviours are actually not true. For example, is your company one of the many that believe elderly users do not look up information on the internet because they are not "tech savvy"?

In reality, according to a 2012 study by AIMIA, people aged over 65 spent more than three hours per day browsing the internet and were responsible for 20% of Australia’s total internet traffic.

We Believe Everyone Deserves Exceptional Experiences

We feel there is so much value to be gained for our clients through having a better understanding of all consumers, including the elderly. We also wish to encourage organisations to create products and services that are both usable and appealing to a wider range of ages (accessibility is important for everyone!).

Helping organisations design compelling and easy to use solutions, resulting in exceptional experiences for everyone, is our driving mission. And if that means you are able to increase the appeal for 20% of your audience that you may currently be neglecting, that can only be a good thing!

As a result, we are conducting new research to better understand people's attitudes and perceptions related to their online shopping experiences. We are specifically interested in how elderly people's (65+) online shopping experiences differ from the rest of the general population.

Besides looking at age group differences, we are also interested in examining the differences in online shopping experiences in the following e-commerce categories:

  • Groceries and liquor.
  • Clothing, footwear, and personal accessories.
  • Homewares and domestic appliances.
  • Computers, software, and electronic goods.

These categories are of particular interest because they are the top four products and services categories that make up the majority of total expenditure in the e-commerce space. We are especially interested to see whether there are any age group differences between the four e-commerce categories.

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Graph representing Products and Service segmentation in e-commerce between 2018 and 2019

Research Objectives

For this research, we are mainly interested in answering these questions (comparing the four e-commerce categories):

  1. How do elderly users feel about buying goods and services online?
  2. What encourages elderly users to complete an online purchase?
  3. What discourages elderly users from completing an online purchase?
  4. How do elderly users feel about providing personal information online via forms?

Research Activities

As part of our research, we will first conduct a survey of 1000 respondents in Australia. Based on the findings we will publish a White Paper on the findings, as well as multiple other bite-sized assets including an infographic videos.

We plan to then follow up the initial survey with additional in-person research, seeking to uncover actionable insights on how we can mitigate and reduce barriers for elderly people in online shopping across the four e-commerce categories.

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There is a wealth of research already available out online, but much of it is based on questionable research methods, doesn't draw on enough data points to arrive at statistically significant findings, or just isn't quite specific enough for your needs.

Our Experience Design Team utilise their Organisational Psychology backgrounds, rooted in academic study, to create tailored Research projects designed to extract the information your business needs to progress with confidence, reduce risk and prioritise activities

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