Designing for Results in an Experience Driven Market with SCTI

Designing for Results in an Experience Driven Market

On April 12 2018, our UX Director, Áine Hart, joined Jo McCauley, Chief Customer Officer at SCTI, onstage at the Modern Marketing Summit in Auckland NZ for an International Keynote, the topic of which was, “Designing for Results in an Experience Driven Market“.

According to Walker, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator between brands by 2020. In this experience driven market, how can we ensure we are providing first class digital experiences, and create a framework for measuring the performance of them?

Understanding what people are doing on our online platforms is only the first step. To provide leading experiences, we need to truly get to know our customers to uncover the why behind their actions, and use these insights to design experiences that truly match their expectations and motivations.

In this talk, Áine and Jo outline how Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) and Sitback partnered to use human centred design practices, underpinned by psychological principles, to build empathy with travel insurance customers to redefine the experience of buying SCTI travel insurance online and an ongoing roadmap of experience enhancement and measurement.

For those that missed the event, we’ve included the slides here. If you’d like more information on anything covered in this case study, get in touch – we’d love to tell you more!

“Frank and honest. Sharing insight into a business’ faults can be confronting, disarming and leaving
owner vulnerable – it was the opposite. I think we could all empathise and acknowledge our own
gaps that we might avoid. Nice to see results.”

– Event Delegate

Presentation Slides

Experiences Over Impressions

While at the MMS, Áine also appeared on the Expert Panel alongside Nic Gibbens from PaperKite, Adrian Pickstock from IAB NZ and Romi Dexter from Hype and Dexter. Offering advice to professionals from industries spanning finance, FMCG, Mobile Telecoms, Education, Automobile Manufacturing and more, the group discussed how, in today’s digital era, too much emphasis has been put on metrics. It’s not that measurement of results is wrong, it’s what we’re measuring that needs a thorough investigation and discussion.

We can easily measure CTR, impressions, share of voice, time on screen… the list goes on. But does ease of measurement equate to success for digital campaigns? Maybe we should be interested in the value that is actually delivered?

Increasingly, people are valuing experiences over impressions. For digital marketers, this translates directly to engagement.

People are valuing deeper and more meaningful experiences with brands. But experiences are far more difficult to quantify, harder to manage and therefore harder to scale. They’re also harder to convince a board of directors to sign off on. Yet the reality is that experiences provide genuine connections between brands and consumers.

It was an interesting discussion, and an area that we look forward to continuing to investigate with our clients.