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Two tablet devices showing the Sydney Opera House website

Sydney Opera House

Providing an exceptional, accessible, online cultural experience for Sydney Opera House

Sitback delivered a new Drupal website that boasts a 150% reduction in average page download time; smarter, faster transaction flows; increased discoverability of events enhancing the visitors’ propensity to buy; and improved opportunities to upsell and cross-sell experiences such as tours, food, and beverage packages.

The redesigned website reflects SOH’s sophistication, ensuring accessibility and enabling a broader audience to enjoy the cultural offerings of the Sydney Opera House.

“Our intention was to provide the public with an exceptional online experience – and we’ve succeeded in the delivery of a stable, future-proofed site that is far superior to what we previously had. We’ve also reduced our maintenance costs and our technical debt.”

Program Manager Martech, Sydney Opera House

People's Choice website displayed in a laptop

People’s Choice

Delivery of a member-centric digital transformation for Australia’s largest credit union.

Sitback partnered with People’s Choice to create, deliver and optimise an engaging member experience platform.

Following the launch of the new platform, visitor engagement levels and repeat visits have all improved. Most importantly, the number of members connecting with advisors has increased leading to higher home loan conversion rates.

“In an age where the battleground is experience, you will need a great partner such as Sitback to map and create optimal experiences.”

Product Owner, Member Management, People’s Choice

B&D Garage Doors and Openers - Website mockup in laptop and mobile device.

B&D Garage Doors & Openers

Making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase intuitive, secure, and enjoyable

Sitback partnered with B&D, part of the Dulux Group, to design and build a user-centric website with innovative technological integration. A headless approach leveraging Umbraco and Vue.JS, provides flexibility, scalability and security. Reusable components ensure fast and efficient content updates, and a feature-rich “Dealer Finder” tool, utilising Google Maps and Geodesic distance computation, displays the closest B&D showrooms and mobile showrooms that service a user’s location, bringing customers closer to purchase.

increase in “Call to action” conversions

increase in mobile traffic


Photograph of a long red and white train, snaking it's way through the Australian outback. Overlayed on the photo is the logo for "Journey Beyond".

Journey Beyond

Enabling continuous improvement in experiential tourism

Journey Beyond, one of Australia’s largest tourism businesses, engaged Sitback to provide ongoing experience optimisation and support services for 13 of their iconic brand websites.

Through a series of UX and technical audits, we are on a journey of continuous improvement and experimentation, working to ensure the customer’s online experience is as magical as their real-world one.

Image of the Primary Markets website displayed inside two generic tablet devices.


Developing Australia’s number 1 private market trading platform

Sitback were engaged to design and build a bespoke share trading platform for unlisted companies. We used our technical expertise to integrate detailed market depth trading data, secure financial payment services, third party ‘know your customer’ services and a CRM to provide a powerful platform and an engaging customer experience.


global members on the platform


average opportunity size

Lifeline Australia case study - Lifeline website displayed in a mobile device


Improving access to suicide prevention through digital services

Sitback proudly worked together with Lifeline to create a digital product, built with Umbraco, facilitating self-service crisis-support options when people most need help. Our digital solution enables a remote crisis supporter workforce to deliver a truly essential and lifesaving service.

increase in overall website performance

reduction in bounce rate


Side-on photo of a woman with long dark hair, wearing a dark blue short-sleeved top. She is laughing. There is another woman in the foreground but only the back of her head is in view and it is our of focus. In the bottom left corner is the NSW government Waratah logo.

NSW Government

Crafting excellent experiences in the public sector

Sitback have been engaged by various state and federal government departments across citizen research, experience design, web development, and continuous improvement initiatives for over 10 years.

  • Helping primary producers to cope with natural disasters for NSW Department of Industry.
  • Driving awareness of thermal comfort and energy conservation in schools for NSW Department of Education.
  • Uncovering commuters’ attitudes, behaviours and motivations for Transport for NSW.
  • Ensuring that the state budget is always delivered on time for NSW Treasury.
  • Designing an engaging learning management system for SA Department for Education.

“Sitback is a big part of our user experience work. Their capabilities and approach to UX research are highly effective, particularly the way they apply organisational psychology to solve business and user problems.”

Director of Digital Design and Delivery, NSW Department of Education

In the 90 days up to January 1st 2023, Sitback had a Net Promoter Score of 75, which is considered 'Excellent'.

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We’re proud to say that in the 90 days up to January 1st 2023, our clients have given us a Net Promoter Score of 75, which is considered ‘excellent’.

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