Sydney Opera House – Drupal website migration case study

Two laptop devices displaying the Sydney Opera House website

Providing an exceptional, accessible, online cultural experience

Project overview

The Sydney Opera House (SOH) sought to enhance its online experience, increase ticket sales, and reduce operational costs. Integration challenges between their existing CMS and CRM system (Tessitura) led to transaction failures and dissatisfied customers.
Collaborating closely with SOH, Sitback provided valuable guidance to rebuild the website successfully. Improvements in event discoverability and transaction processes increase visitors’ propensity to buy tickets and present opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional experiences like tours and beverage packages.
The redesigned website reflects SOH’s sophistication, ensuring accessibility and enabling a broader audience to enjoy the cultural offerings of the Sydney Opera House.

“Our intention was to provide the public with an exceptional online experience – and we’ve succeeded in the delivery of a stable, future-proofed site that is far superior to what we previously had. We’ve also reduced our maintenance costs and our technical debt. We are confident we have the right solution to meet not just our customers’ needs, but also support the business goals of the Sydney Opera House.”

Krystal Nolan, Program Manager Martech, Sydney Opera House, wearing a black top with her hair tied back and smiling at the camera.

Krystal Nolan

Program Manager Martech, Sydney Opera House

The solution

Sitback proposed an ambitious Drupal migration to enhance the website, aligning it with the institution’s iconic global image while reducing costs.
User journeys were optimised for multiple customer personas, and load testing confirmed improved performance and transaction processes. A custom middleware to enhance communication between the CMS and CRM was built, resulting in faster and more efficient interactions.
The new website demonstrated a 150% decrease in page load times, smoother checkout experiences, and reduced transaction errors. Content management became simpler, allowing for easier promotion of events and products, and improvements to the overall user experience have significantly reduced customer service enquiries.

View of Sydney Opera House seating plan map displayed on a tablet device, alongside a mobile device showing the website homepage

“The new Sydney Opera House website brings together the events, performances, and other special opportunities unique to the Opera House as an enjoyable and seamlessly connected experience.”

Paddy Morgan, Website Specialist, Sydney Opera House, wearing w white t-shirt and smiling at the camera.

Paddy Morgan

Website Specialist, Sydney Opera House

Key results

⚡️ 150% reduction in average page download time.

🔎 Increased discoverability of events enhancing the visitors’ propensity to buy.

🛒 Smarter, faster transaction flows.

🥂 Improved opportunities to upsell and cross-sell experiences such as; tours, food, and beverage packages.

🏆 Award-winning!

Sydney Opera House awards: Leader of the Pack: Entertainment, and Regional Excellence APJ at the 2023 Acquia Engage Awards, Government: State and Local at the 2024 Drupal Splash awards, and Finalist in Best Use of Technology to Transform CX in the CX Awards 2023.

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