What The Community Needs, Anglicare Sydney Provides

What The Community Needs

Anglicare Sydney engages Sitback Solutions to provide easier access to services.

Sydney, NSW: The Not-for-Profit Organisation, Anglicare Sydney, has launched their brand-new website designed specifically for seniors and those in need in the community.


Anglicare Sydney provides a range of services promoting dignity, safety, participation and wellbeing for people in their relationships, homes and communities. They found that many seniors accessing their website were confused about where Anglicare operates and the services they provide. However, it was not a lack of understanding on their visitors’ part causing the problem. During the project research phase, they observed that their senior visitors were in fact very tech savvy. Instead, it was the organisation’s current website that was not meeting their needs.

“We found that many people in their 50s and 60s were accessing our website searching for various services like Home care, Retirement Living, Residential Aged Care and Community Services,” explains Grant Millard, Anglicare CEO.

“However, initial feedback showed that many could not easily find what they were looking for.”

To make it easier for their visitors to understand and access the services on offer, Anglicare engaged Sitback Solutions, a web development agency specialising in User Experience Research and Design, to create a new website that was easier to use, faster to navigate and offered superior features to better serve the community.

Sitback delivered a range of enhancements, including a refined information architecture, improved search functionality and a customised location map to provide information on local services.

“Our aim is to provide a more seamless online experience for Anglicare customers and staff,” Mr Millard adds.

“We listened to feedback from people visiting our previous website. As a result, we grouped our services differently and simplified the search functionality.

“With the new location maps feature, visitors can locate Anglicare Sydney services in their suburbs quickly and easily. The creation of one simple point of contact across the website also helps users to contact Anglicare Sydney.”

Our aim is to provide
a more seamless online experience
for Anglicare customers and staff.”

Chris McHugh, Sitback CEO, said the partnership was a perfect fit, “Many companies claim to be customer focussed, but all too often ignore their user’s basic needs in favour of business requirements. Like many of the companies who choose to work with Sitback, Anglicare Sydney echoed our own mantra of ‘putting the user at the centre of everything we do’. After all, their entire service model revolves around providing help to the people who need it the most. As a result, our objectives were perfectly aligned throughout the project.”

“Building the new Anglicare website was a significant project,” explains Kashif Chauhan, Digital Marketing Manager at Anglicare. “Sitback managed to go above and beyond, while delivering the project on time and on budget. We now have  something we can all be proud of that is completely focussed on the needs of our community.”

Stage one of the new Anglicare website, www.anglicare.org.au, went live at the end of October.

About Anglicare

Founded in 1856, Anglicare Sydney provides retirement living, aged care, and community care services to people in the Greater Sydney and the Illawarra Region.

As one of Australia’s largest Christian care organisations, Anglicare Sydney reaches out to tens of thousands of people every year. Anglicare Sydney provides care for all people by addressing emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs.