“Our way or the Highway” Charity pop-up burger bar

"Our way or the Highway" Charity pop-up burger bar

Today “Team Dev” rose to the challenge of opening up a lunchtime pop up burger bar to raise money for 1 child Per laptop, a fabulous charity which aims “to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop.”


The team created this menu – yum!


Using Slack technology to take orders and notify the burger buyers when their food was ready.


It was such a great team effort, planning, preparing, cooking and distributing the burgers. At $5 a pop some of our team chose to buy 2 or even 3 burgers at a time.


To round it off, Denis brought in home-made pastry pies filled with strawberry and apple which are being scoffed this afternoon.


At the beginning of this financial year- as a company we started our “charity wall” each piece of A4 paper represents $100 raised for charity. As a company we have raised over $7600 so far.


Each charity event is done in teams and the paper is colour coded to the team that has raised the money…. when the final count comes in this afternoon, team dev will be right up there with a sea of green paper.


One laptop per child can provide a laptop for $35 – with the most recent count on todays takings… our efforts will give nearly 20 children access to self education in developing countries… WOW… JUST WOW!!!