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Gain the market advantage with an optimised SaaS-style website solution
designed specifically for banks, credit unions and mutuals,
to drive new customer acquisition and elevate the member experience.

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Sitback's Bank website accelerator platform is flexible and designed for marketing teams in the financial services sector.

Your bank, your way

Sitback’s banking website accelerator platform is empowering growing credit unions, mutuals, and member owned banks through extensive features designed exclusively for marketing, brand, and communications teams in the finance industry.

Drive new customer acquisition and support existing members with the marketing tools and technology integrations you need to get your products in front of customers, no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

Discover why forward-thinking Australian banks choose Sitback’s platform to build their brand

  • Seamless & easy integration

    Quickly craft a modern, online branch for your brand. Integrate with leading financial calculators and 3rd party apps. Backed by Sitback’s friendly Support & Optimisation team: get the help you need, when you need it.
    Female bank employee working at a computer.
  • Speed to market without compromise

    Don’t build a new website from scratch: forms, rates management, product-led IA, and atomic disclaimers are all available out of the box. Extend and customise the core platform to suit your brand.
    Young woman with short bright red hair holding up a credit card
  • Low-risk PaaS with flexible pricing

    Get immediate updates to core platform updates, including new features and bug fixes. Low up-front investment with flexible subscription model. Spread the costs for easier budgeting.
    Man sat at a table looking at his mobile phone while holding a credit card.
  • Focus on your customers

    User experience optimised for the banking sector and underpinned by behavioural science. Increase digital team efficiency through enhanced marketing capabilities. We take care of the technology so you can focus on building features that matter to your customers.
    Mother and daughter in a back branch talking to a member of staff
  • Female bank employee working at a computer.
  • Young woman with short bright red hair holding up a credit card
  • Man sat at a table looking at his mobile phone while holding a credit card.
  • Mother and daughter in a back branch talking to a member of staff

Powered by the latest technology, fine-tuned for finance

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Core website features to keep you moving quickly

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Powerful content management

Empower your financial institution with a robust content management system, streamlining website management for efficiency, flexibility, and dynamic customer engagement.
Intuitive page builder
Drag and drop your perfect layout. What-you-see-is-what-you-get text editors. Extensive component options to make your content your own.
Create engaging content
Easily incorporate rich media like images, video, audio, PDF, and embedded content.
Responsive & accessible
Mobile-first and fully responsive. Accessible and WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.
Advanced SEO functionality
Advanced SEO tools including metadata customisation, Google snippet preview, URL rewriting and page redirects. Edit and preview Open Graph content for social media.
Intuitive site search
Empower customers to find information quickly and effortlessly and boost overall website satisfaction.
Photo close-up of someone working with a tablet and stylus to design wireframes. The tablet is positioned on a wooden desk next to a computer mouse.

Customise and extend to your needs

Personalise your digital presence. Our expert web development team can adapt and extend the core platform to meet your organisation’s unique requirements, ensuring on-brand excellence.
The heart of your DXP
Quickly build your digital experience platform by connecting with Digital Asset Management tools, AI chatbots, Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms
Personalised experiences
Add push notifications, personlisation and A/B testing tools to optimise the customer experience and increase conversion rates with always-on experimentation.
AI-powered site search
Supercharge the core site search with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
Product comparison tool
Provide customers with the option to compare products and choose the best option for them.
Branch locator
Have multiple branches? Then leverage our branch locator with dynamic map and search functionality.
Expand your reach with multilingual capabilities, enhancing accessibility for CALD customers. We are TransPerfect solution partners, bringing AI powered translation services to your website.
Generate Key Fact Sheets
Quickly create, update and distribute Key Fact Sheets that are on-brand and integrate with our centralised rates management features, meaning when your rates update, so do the KFS.
Woman with short bright red hair in a back branch talking to a bank manager across a desk. There is a laptop, paperwork and calculator on the desk.

Optimised for banks, mutuals and credit unions

Our optimised features ensure a seamless, secure, and compliant online experience, meeting the unique needs of financial institutions.
Centralised rates management
Tokeniser functionality allows you to set once, publish everywhere. Includes the ability to set future publish dates. Tight integration with the WYSIWYG text editor provides fast and intuitive access to the full library of rates, anywhere in your content.
Atomic disclaimer, FAQ and alert management
Maintain compliance and provide consistent information, anywhere on the site. Surface important updates about outages or rate changes with site-wide alert functionality.
Flexible form builder
Quickly build lead generation forms or multi-step application processes including data validation and conditional logic. Already using a forms solution like Cloudcase? No dramas. We integrate with that too.
Secure and scalable
Highly secure platform complies with APRA-regulated entity requirements. OpenID Connect for Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory integration. Optionally verify new customers via GreenID.
3rd party app integration
Connect to Internet Banking services for a seamless customer experience. Integrate with various CRM systems to gain a holistic view of your customer activity. Plug in your calculators and key fact sheets, even when managed elsewhere.
Insightful data & analytics
Best practice and sector-specific GA4 dashboard backed by a rich data layer implementation for enhanced website analytics and customer insight.
Finance calculator integration
Embed popular financial calculators like Widget Works and GBST in just a few clicks. Easily deploy, update and integrate your financial products to provide a seamless and consistent experience.
Services - Support & Optimisation. Two men discussing a website on a laptop screen.

Support & optimisation

Our dedicated support team ensures seamless updates and assists customers in extending website features, providing comprehensive care for sustained excellence.
Continuous improvement
Delivery of incremental enhancements to your website with a reliable cadence. We run your business as usual tasks so your internal team can focus on creating business value.
Flexible contracts
Monthly and annual agreements with rollover of unused hours and no lock-ins. Features and reporting levels scale with your requirements.
Single point of contact
Dedicated local Digital Producers ensure consistency of service, clear communication and a friendly face.
24/7 support
A single point of contact to provide dependable, round-the-clock support, ensuring your site is secure and available, even through periods of extreme demand.
High availability infrastructure
Hosting options include Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud, On-premises solutions, and Umbraco Cloud (coming soon).
Disaster Recovery
In the event of a data centre outage, get your website back online within minutes, not days. Hot, warm and cold Disaster Recovery options to suit your budget and customer SLAs.

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