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Gain deeper customer insights, while increasing on-site engagement and conversions.

Save time and stay confident your site is stable, secure and bug-free.

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If a lack of time or resources holds you back from necessary website maintenance or gaining a better understanding of your users, Sitback’s Support & Optimisation service can help.

Make ongoing, manageable improvements to the User Experience and performance of your website. Iteratively increase conversions, customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Gain deeper customer insights to make better business decisions. And all the while, feel confident that your website is stable, secure and bug-free.

Our dependable and flexible website Support & Optimisation service extends the capability of your internal teams, allowing them to focus on what they do best – adding value to your business. We provide reactive and proactive maintenance and enhancement services for your website or application, giving you the peace of mind that your digital investment is protected and constantly improving.

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  • Increase conversions driving top-line growth
  • Maintain brand integrity
  • Release new features & enhancements quickly
  • Integrate systems to gain a single view of the customer
  • Deliver incremental improvements with a reliable cadence
  • Capture continuous learning & insight for the best ROI on UX
  • Improve your customer experience for the smoothest process possible
  • Upskill team members in UX & SEO best practices

IT teams

  • Ensure stability & security
  • Organise & prioritise goals with a digital roadmap
  • Integrate siloed systems to improve data integrity
  • Reduce Marketing’s dependence on IT
  • Ensure accessibility & WCAG compliance
  • Scale with business demand & enable innovation
  • Improve workforce efficiency & productivity through optimised website admin tools

Which plan is right for me?

  • Managed Services

    It’s vital that your website is online all day, every day. You need to ensure that security is taken care of and core CMS updates are in place. You don’t have plans to add features or functionality to the website, but it’s good to know our team is there when you need us in case plans change. The Managed Service package takes care of the fundamentals to give you peace of mind that all updates & security releases are in place.
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  • Flex

    You work in a busy department where the goalposts are always moving. When you pivot, you need to do so quickly and effectively. No two days are the same and there is always something to be done to the website; sometimes it’s content updates; sometimes it’s A/B testing. The Flex package provides ‘business as usual’ support to help get things done, no matter what the challenge is you’re facing today.
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  • Pro

    Your website is a mission-critical asset with multiple stakeholders across your organisation. Security and updates cannot be compromised. You are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience across the website and insist that all decisions are informed by real data before being battle-tested and then improved some more. The Pro package provides everything you need to plan, prioritise, enhance and evolve your online solutions.
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