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Sitecore is the integrated digital experience platform, best-in-class CMS and eCommerce Solution empowering some of the world's smartest brands. Our highly experienced software engineers are experts in developing, extending and integrating CMS platforms with a range of third party services. Together they make a formidable combination, ready to take your organisation's online presence to the next level.

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Sitecore Development Services

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ Guidance

We can help you determine what elements of the Sitecore Experience Cloud are best suited to your business requirements. Our Sitecore Certified Developers are experienced in leveraging everything the platform has to offer to ensure your project is a success.

Custom Development

Our experienced software developers follow Sitecore’s Helix guidelines: a set of design principles and conventions for Sitecore development that ensures your business objectives are implemented in a best-practice, future-proof way. Helix also helps us design the implementation in business-centric modules that are maintainable and extensible.


Sitecore offers the functional ability to deploy online user experiences that are highly tailored to your site visitors, from anonymous, to return, to authenticated. We offer the Experience Design expertise to design and implement a highly effective personalisation strategy, ensuring your marketing messages resonate with the correct customer personas.

3rd Party API Integration

JSON, Rest, XML-RPC, Soap - If there's a name for the API, we can integrate it with your Sitecore website. We’ve deployed integrations with external web services and in-house backend systems; connecting disparate data sources and steamlining your business workflows.

Sitecore Website Support

A single point of contact, dedicated ticket management system, 24/7 protection and a diverse resource pool of software engineers, user experience designers and analytics experts; just some of the reasons clients across Australia trust us to support and maintain their business-critical website platforms.

Website Optimisation

Whether you want to streamline your customer journeys, reduce page load times or improve organic search results, our optimisation services employ a combination of user research, A/B testing and BI visualisation tools to surface opportunities to drastically improve performance of your Sitecore website and user experience provided to your customers.

Sitecore Support & Optimisation

A best-in-class Digital Experience Platform like Sitecore deserves a best-in-class support service. Sitecore likely represents a considerable investment of budget and resources by your organisation. Don't leave the ongoing maintenance and improvement of that investment to chance. Our Sitecore Support & Optimisation service ensures your platform is expertly handled, keeping it up-to-date while also providing a dedicated team to enhance and extend features.

Our service delivers a help desk with a single point of contact and a pool of trained Software Engineers and Web Developers, Project Managers, System Administrators, and User Experience Designers to call upon to manage, maintain and optimise all future website activity.

Client Testimonials

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“Sitback is a great organisation to work with. They truly understand the customer experience space and can work very well with any business to understand their customer experience expectations. In an age where the battleground is experience, you will need a great partner such as Sitback to map and create optimal experiences for your customers. The team are very collaborative, professional and nurturing to help you build the skills and understanding into your organisation.”

Product Owner, Member Management People's Choice Credit Union

“I’m very happy with the service provided by the Sitback Support & Optimisation team - they’re flexible, fast to respond to support tickets, small enough to care but large enough to have the ‘power to deliver’.”

Ashley Tyghe Digital Operations Manager, Foxtel

“The Sitback development team excelled in their speed of delivery and continually worked to the highest technical standards. Their quality of work built confidence and was key to Subaru delivering a business critical project.”

Group Digital Marketing Manager Subaru Australia

Work With a Sitecore Development Agency in Sydney

Expert Sitecore Developers On Your Doorstep

Work alongside some of the best Sitecore Developers available in Sydney. Don't leave the fate of your project to chance, or risk vital features and functionality being lost in translation. Our Sitecore Developers work alongside our Experience Design Team under the same roof, meaning clear communication and faster, more efficient project delivery.

Whether you prefer to work via email, video conference or actually sitting alongside the team working on your project, we can accommodate it all; Our proven engagement methodology along with our fully on-shore team will ensure your project is a success.

If you need a team ready to innovate, while ensuring a pragmatic solution, we'd love to hear from you.

Sitecore Development Agency in Sydney

Partner With Sitback For Your Sitecore Project

On-Shore & Local Team

All of our team, from UX Designers to Web Developers and Project Managers, are based in Sydney and working under the same roof, making communication fast and easy.

Dedicated Support & Project Management

A single point of contact to handle all of your questions and requests. Speed-dial optional.

Flexible Engagement Model

Whether you are used to working with Agile or Waterfall-style design and development methodologies, our proprietary Engagement Methodology has you covered.

Over 10 Years of Experience

We’ve designed and built websites for some of the biggest brands in Australia and across multiple industries. Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure your Sitecore project is a success.

Recent Projects

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Why Choose Sitecore?

One platform for rich customer experiences.

  • Manage personalised content delivery across channels and at scale
  • Multi-site and multi-lingual content management system (CMS)
  • Central repository for all customer interaction data
  • Headless architecture powers ability to create content once and display it anywhere
  • Native analytics, testing, optimization, and machine learning capabilities

Learn more about Sitecore on their official website.

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End-To-End Content Management

Easily manage the full spectrum of content across all channels—and connect the dots between content and customer behavior.

Always-On Personalisation

Capture data from all interactions and apply resulting insights into personalised experiences across your channels—at scale.

Connections To Drive Commerce

Deliver personalised omnichannel experiences to nurture lifelong customer relationships. Powerful eCommerce functionality, Digital Asset Management, analytics, machine learning, AI and automation.

Multimedia Support & Mobile Ready

Integrate with video platforms like Brightcove, deploy feature-rich voice applications to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft voice assistants, or create Progressive Web Apps for native-app-like functionality without the overhead.

Headless By Design

Sitecore is purpose built to allow separation between content and presentation, meaning you can easily and efficiently repurpose content across multiple channels, devices and experiences. Edit once, deploy everywhere.

Inclusive and Accessible Platform

15% of the population have some kind of disability. We ensure the websites we build are as inclusive to as many users as possible by following WCAG standards and best practices while also considering the needs of your audience. Factors covered include keyboard navigation, web forms, headings, contrast ratio, images, and making all text accessible to screen readers

Frequently Asked Questions about Sitecore

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a web content management and digital experience platform that powers many global brands, including P&G, Loreal, Nestle Purina, Thule and Volvo. It is an integrated platform written in .NET and contains powerful end-to-end content management, eCommerce and digital marketing tools with always-on personalisation.

How Much Does Sitecore Cost?

Unlike free, open source software, Sitecore is a subscription-based platform. The overall cost is determined by the size of your digital ecosystem and takes into account several factors, including:

  • Number of visits per month
  • Number of non-production installations
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Development costs for build and customisation

For assistance determining if Sitecore is the right platform for your organisation, get in touch and we will help you make the right decision.

Is Sitecore Suitable for my Website?

There are many important factors to take into account when choosing a CMS or DXP for your business, for example: personalisation, multilingual needs, level of integration, analytics, eCommerce. Sitecore is best suited to organisations with complex requirements, who require a powerful platform to help create, store, deliver and make sense of business information. If you’re unsure whether Sitecore is right for you, get in touch and we can help guide you to a decision.

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