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Photo of a number of different cards from Sitback's pack of Cognitive Bias Cards.

Created by UX psychologists to help you make better design decisions

What is a Cognitive Bias?

Human capacity to perceive and process information is limited. If you think about how many thousands of stimuli we come into contact with each day, it’s a wonder we can function at all!

To cope with this overload of information, we as humans have evolved a number of strategies to help us function within our busy world.

As Experience Designers, understanding these strategies can help us conduct better research resulting in more accurate observations, and design User Interfaces that are easier to use and require less mental effort (i.e. cognitive load). 

What Are Bias Cards?

At Sitback, our UX Psychologists have created a set of Bias Cards, summarising 25 common biases that researchers, designer and participants may hold unconsciously.

They are colour coded according to five categories:

  1. First impression
  2. Influencing and decision-making
  3. Reacting
  4. Predicting
  5. Remembering.

On each card we explain what the bias is, and provide suggestions on how to mitigate. A sample bias card is shown below:

sitback bias cards explanation card, Each card contains the following: project phase where the bias appears, name of the bias, group who holds the bias, category of the bias, definition of the bias, and strategy to mitigate the bias.

Regularly reviewing these cards reminds us to pay attention to the biases we may have, and react strategically to alleviate them.

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