Service Design workshop toolkit – free download

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Practice and incorporate Service Design into your day-to-day work

What Is It?

Increasingly, Human-Centred Designers are incorporating various components of Service Design into their projects.

To assist with this, we have created a Service Design Workshop Toolkit to help practice and incorporate Service Design in day-to-day activities.

The toolkit is aimed at giving you a head start in formulating Service Design workshops and has been designed based on the double diamond technique to encourage people to approach problems and solutions by using divergent and convergent thinking.

What Are The Different Types Of Service Design Workshops?

There are many different types of Service Design workshops, however, they can broadly be categorised into five types of workshops that you can conduct with your stakeholders and/or customers.

  • Planning Workshop: Create a shared understanding and involve stakeholders from the outset.
  • Problem Definition Workshop: Communicate research insights and (re)frame the problem or design challenges collaboratively.
  • Ideation or Co-Design Workshop: Defer judgment and explore the vision and possibilities.
  • Prototyping Workshop: Test the concepts in fun and engaging ways.
  • Strategy Workshop: Critically evaluate the pros and cons of the concepts and create a shared vision.

 How To Use This Toolkit?

We have included 20 of our top recommended techniques in the toolkit. Pick one or combine multiple activities. You can even use this toolkit in combination with our UX Workshop Toolkit.

  1. Start with the empty template. Print off all pages of the toolkit. A3 works best. Write down the objectives and logistical details about your session in the spaces provided.
  2. Add workshop activities. Cut out the script blocks (activities, recaps and breaks) you need for your session and stick them to the script template. Blue Tack works well for this.
  3. Review the flow of the session. Stick the template on the wall and gather feedback from other people. Move the script blocks around until you are happy with your final workshop script.

It is very much an ‘alpha’ version, and consequently, we would love to hear your feedback so that we can continuously improve it, making it even more useful for everyone that uses it!

Download your copy of the Service Design workshop toolkit

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