We are always thinking of how we can apply continuous innovation to improve the way we work, and we like to share these resources and knowledge with others.

Downloads and Digital Tools

Whether it's an app we've built to help speed up development of our projects, a toolkit for training and discovery workshops, or just an overview of the way we work, we've made these resources available for free in the hope that you find them useful and that they make your life, and the lives of your team, easier. Download, enjoy and if you have any feedback, be sure to let us know.

Cognitive Bias Cards

Our UX Psychologists have created a set of Bias Cards, summarising 25 common biases that researchers, designer and participants may hold unconsciously. They are colour coded according to 5 categories: first impression, influencing and decision-making, reacting, predicting, and remembering. On each card we explain what the bias is, and provide suggestions on how to mitigate. Available to download for free, and also to purchase as a printed deck.

UX Workshop PDF Toolkit

Sitback’s UX psychologists have created a toolkit to help you select the right activities for running a successful workshop and obtaining the outcomes you want from the session.

UX Scriptwriter App

Prepare better UX workshops scripts in half the time! No need to recall the workshop activities from memory, just click and add. Also, easily rearrange the ones you have already added.

Service Design Workshop Toolkit

Sitback's Experience Design Team have created a Service Design Workshop Toolkit to assist our fellow Human-Centred Design professionals in practicing and incorporating Service Design in their day-to-day work. Download it for free today and start designing exceptional experiences.

WCAG Accessibility Audit Template

This is a blank verison of the WCAG Accessibility Audit template we base all of our client website audits on. If you know a bit about WCAG are able to audit your own site then this should help you add some structure to the process.

Code Hygiene Audit Checklist

A Q&A tool designed to feedback where the gaps are in your current website to inform optimisation or refresh.

Background Image Previewer App

This tool allows you to preview background images to use on your website in a variety of view modes, and at a variety of resolutions. The Previewer will give you an overview of how your image will look after implementation, and give you a guide as to how to create your images to keep the most important information on screen at all times.

Drupal 7 Folder Structure

Drupal 7 is a versatile tool, it allows you to build a solution in the manner that fits you. From our years of experience of working with Drupal, we have come up with an approach that allows the best collaboration and maintainability when building a Drupal 7 project.

Umbraco Project Structure

We have experimented with a number of different setups for Umbraco projects and have defined an approach that we have found works really well for optimising our development effort. If you want to utilise these learnings too, we're pleased to offer this approach for you to download and implement.

Sitback Development Approach

To avoid the technical debt of lack of cohesiveness, at Sitback we have defined standards for different aspects of the development process. These are based on our learnings over the years. You can download them if you are interested.

Want to Know More?

If you're interested to learn more about how we can build something amazing for your business, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.