Bespoke Research Projects for organisations to unlock learnings and inform business decisions

What is Corporate Research?

Before diving into a project to develop a new product or service or improve an existing one, it makes good sense to first research your customers, the marketplace, or wider industry in general. Doing so will help you to gain a better understanding and therefore make more informed decisions.

There is already a wealth of research available online. The problem is that much of it is based on questionable research methods, doesn't draw on enough data points to arrive at statistically significant findings, or just isn't quite specific enough for the needs of your organisation.

For this reason, our Experience Design Team employ their Organisational Psychology backgrounds, rooted in academic study, to create tailored Corporate Research Projects designed to extract the information your business needs to prioritise activities, reduce risk and progress with confidence.

Two women conducting customer research in a supermarket

Recent Research Projects

Online Shopping Behaviours of the Over 65s

Introducing our latest research, to better understand elderly people's attitudes and perceptions related to online shopping experiences, and how they differ from the rest of the general population

Commission Your Own Research

Interested in commissioning a research project into a topic relevant to your business?

  • Consumer research
  • New product validation
  • Competitor insight
  • Employee behaviour

Whatever you need to learn more about, if you want to improve the experience you offer your customers, get in touch today and we’ll show you how to start off on the right foot using the most powerful tool in your arsenal: Knowledge.