If your website requires WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 compliance but you are not sure how to confirm that the required standard has been met, we can help you audit your site and provide a report defining current status and a gap analysis.

When you think about the word accessibility, the chances are good that you think about the physical world. Wheelchair ramps, pedestrian lights that start beeping when the man turns green, and maybe the closed loop hearing systems available at public transport ticket windows, ATMs and cinemas.

The digital world makes life easier for some members of society, but there are still those people who have just as much difficulty using the digital world as they do the physical. If you are not thinking about how all potential users to your site could be using it, and how to let them get the information they need from your site, you may be losing business without even knowing it.

There are no set rules about how people must be able to use a website, but one of the best resources we have to make the internet accessible to all users is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This is a series of suggestions and recommendations that have been developed by a collective of experts from both the technology and real-world accessibility sectors.

These WCAG guidelines include recommendations for contrast ratio, font sizes, alternative content, input mechanisms, background audio, timed events, dynamic content, navigation, predictability, readability and error correction.

Many agencies, including Sitback, will offer a WCAG compliance check, and will be able to give you a report on your current state, and the cost for achieving whichever level of compliance you require.

However, it will always be better to stop these problems from happening, by not introducing them in the first place. Once you've decided on building a new website, keep the guidelines in mind from the very beginning and gear all of your wireframes and designs around this. Ensuring that these standard are being met along the entire train of creation is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to ensure that everyone that wants to use your site, and buy your products, are able to.

  • WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 audits
  • Assessment against AA or AAA compliance depending on your requirements
  • Full report identifying problem areas and suggestions to resolve
  • Deep-dive available for websites built using Drupal, WordPress, Sitecore and Umbraco Content Management Systems to identify the source of a problem.
  • Pricing based on the number of screens and type of content to be audited

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“Sitback are by far the most professional and driven developers I've worked with. We have had a highly collaborative approach to our website development, with Sitback expertly guiding us through the necessary decisions and making it clear at all stages what the time and cost implications would be.”

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